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Clinic Programs

Facial Treatments

Restore brightness and youthfulness to your skin

Filling Substance

Rejuvenate your face with dermal fillers

Personalized Facial & Body Cream

Beauty your skin with personalized facial and body cream

Botulinum toxin

Bright and youthful face with Botulinum Toxin

Body Treatments

Excess fat under skin or cellulite is a problem bothering ma...


ตัวช่วยฟื้นฟูหลุมสิว บูสท์ผิวฉ่ำโกลว์

Hair Analysis

Hair and Scalp Analysis Program

Bioscor Hair Treatment

BWC Bioscor Hair Treatment

Bioscor Hair & Scalp Laser

Stimulates damaged hair roots to regenerate up to 20%.

LED Light Therapy

Strengthen hair, accelerate new hair growth and prevent hair...

Bioscor Hair Products


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