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Bioscor Hair Products

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Revitalize Your Hair with Bioscor Hair Products


When it comes to hair and scalp health, Bioscor offers a comprehensive range of specialized products designed to address various concerns. These products encompass shampoos, conditioners, serums, and vitamins, catering to individuals dealing with a multitude of hair and scalp issues. Let's delve into the offerings:


1. AO Scalp Cleansing Shampoo 225 ml

This specialized formulated shampoo is designed for deep cleansing of both hair and scalp, aiming to reduce the accumulation of oils and dirt, especially in the hair follicle area. It also helps to reduce a symptom of scalp inflammation and itching. 

2. AO Anti Dandruff Shampoo 225 ml

Another specialized shampoo, this product focuses on deep cleansing of the hair and scalp. It is an excellent choice for those experiencing dandruff issues, as it aids in reducing allergic reactions and scalp irritation.

3. AO Hydrating Conditioner 225 ml

This light-texture hair conditioner is ideal for moisturizing both the hair and scalp, effectively addressing dryness and damage without clogging hair follicles.

4. AO Activator (สูตรปกติ) 60 ml

Bioscor's exclusive formulated serum, enriched with ginseng extract, minerals, and natural compounds, nourishes the scalp and stimulates new hair growth. The usage will be recommended by a doctor based on individual needs.

5. AO Forte Plus (สูตรเข้มข้นพิเศษ) 60 ml

An extra concentrated serum with an exclusive formula under Bioscor's copyright, it contains ginseng extract, minerals, and natural compounds. This formula effectively nourishes the scalp and stimulates new hair growth. As with other products, the usage should be guided by a doctor considering individual requirement.

6. AO Multi Vitamin Forte 30 tablets

A comprehensive vitamin supplement rich in natural ingredients that contribute to nourishing hair and the scalp. It is recommended to take one tablet daily with food or as directed by a physician.

7. AO BOOSTER 30 ml

A serum with vitamin A components that elevates hair nourishment and growth effectively. It is advisable to use in conjunction with AO Activator or AO Forte, applying it only at nighttime. *Usage should be guided by a physician, considering individual suitability.

8. AO Synergy + AO Forte

A specially formulated serum, recommend to use as a combination for maximum effectiveness in hair growth. It aids in reducing hair loss, improving blood circulation, lowering male hormone (DHT) levels, reducing inflammation, and stimulating new hair growth. *Usage should be guided by a physician, considering individual suitability.

9. AO X-Strength 30 ml (in-house product)

A specialized gel formulated for specific areas usage, benefits in the growth of new, strong hair. It contains various minerals that nourish hair roots. *Usage should be guided by a physician, considering individual suitability.

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