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Bioscor Hair & Scalp Laser

คลินิกผิวพรรณ ความงาม และสุขภาพเส้นผม คลินิกผิวพรรณ ความงาม และสุขภาพเส้นผม

Hair rejuvenation laser treatment

Stimulates damaged hair roots to regenerate up to 20%.

BWC Bioscor Hair & Scalp Laser Program


A program that stimulates hair follicles to promote hair regrowth. The device directs the laser to problematic scalp regions. The laser will stimulate the hair follicle, restoring up to 20% of degenerated hair follicle cells, and the newly generated follicle cells will be healthier. The treatment can be done in conjunction with other treatments for better performance and should be done every 2 weeks.


Laser treatment must be operated under the supervision of professional dermatologists. The dermatologists will diagnose the plan and the duration of the laser treatment according to the symptoms of hair loss and hair condition of each individual patient.


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