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Weight loss incorrectly can lead to hair loss

Aesthetic & Hair Wellness Clinic
Aesthetic & Hair Wellness Clinic
30 Jan 2024

Weight controlling can boost confidence for everyone. However, if weight loss is done incorrectly, such as through starvation, excessively rapid weight loss, or intense weight loss methods causing stress, it can lead to adverse effects, including #hairloss.

Normally, the hair falls out naturally at a rate of around 150 strands per day. However, when the body faces abnormal conditions, it can accelerate hair shedding. In the case of improper weight loss, it can lead to hair loss due to various reasons:

Nutrient Deficiency:

Results from undernutrition or incomplete dietary intake, causing the body to lack essential nutrients. Our hair strands require nutrients similar with other organs, including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. When hair doesn't receive sufficient nutrients, it becomes brittle, damaged, and starts falling out.


Extreme weight loss leading to stress can also impact hair. The body releases stress hormones, which can halt the growth and lead to hair loss.

Therefore, if you intend to lose weight, it's essential to choose a balanced method, gradually reducing weight, avoiding overly rapid weight loss. Ensure that your diet is well-balanced, with adequate intake of proteins, vitamins, and essential minerals for the hair, such as iron, zinc, biotin, copper, and folic acid. If you're experiencing hair loss issues, it's important to consult a specialized physician promptly for a proper diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan.


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