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Ensuring a Strong Body and Mind for the Chinese New Year!

Prevention and Wellness Clinic
Prevention and Wellness Clinic
10 Feb 2024


We're back with the Chinese New Year Festival, and we want to share 5 important reminders to ensure everyone stays healthy and happy. Here's how to prepare for a joyous Lunar New Year celebration, both physically and mentally:

1. Nourish with Safe and Nutritious Food

Amidst the festivities of cooking and dining with loved ones, prioritize freshly prepared, clean meals. Use serving utensils for hygienic portioning and opt for clean, safe drinking water. Enhance your dishes with a colorful array of vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.

2. Strengthen Your Body and Ward Off Illness

Recent events have reminded us of the importance of fortifying our bodies against potential threats. Practice thorough hand hygiene, stay up-to-date with vaccinations, and commit to regular exercise sessions of at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week. Regular health checkups and screenings further fortify our defenses.

3. Breathe Clean, Quality Air

With increasing air pollution, particularly harmful PM2.5 particles, it's crucial to avoid outdoor activities in heavily polluted areas. When necessary, wear an N95 mask and seek shelter indoors promptly. Reduce activities that contribute to pollution, such as smoking.

4. Cultivate a Calm Mind and Healthy Heart

Don't let stress dampen the festivities. Practice mindfulness, take things slowly, and approach challenges with a calm demeanor. Engage in activities like meditation and hobbies to alleviate stress and promote emotional well-being.

5. Travel Safely

Whether visiting relatives or exploring new destinations, prioritize safety during travel. Plan your trip in advance, check weather forecasts, and take breaks during long journeys. Avoid alcohol consumption while driving to mitigate the risk of accidents.

As we embrace the Year of the Dragon, let's begin by prioritizing our health and well-being. With these 5 secret tips, may everyone experience a safe and joyful Chinese New Year celebration, surrounded by the warmth of loved ones.


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