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Brown Fat and White Fat: A Solution for Obesity?
Lifestyle Modification as Therapy
Plant-based power
Treating ‘Knee Osteoarthritis’ without a surgery
Meditation and Stress Elimination

Mindfulness meditation is the most popular type of meditation. It is a training to think slowly, to let go of negative thoughts, and to calm down your body and mind. In other words, to train your mind to fully focus on 'the present'. Mindfulness meditation is divided into two main parts.

PM 2.5 The Tiny Killer
Healthy Teeth, Happy Living
Health Benefits and Risks of Coffee

Coffee has become an essential part of most peoples’ daily routine. It is a popular drink that has been consumed extensively around the world. Global statistics shows that a person drinks an average of 42.6 liters of coffee per year.  Today, coffee has become one of the highest value drinks in the beverage industry.

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Physical Activity is your cheapest medicine

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Office Syndrome – Prevention and Solution

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How aging effects musculoskeletal system of the body, and how to prolong the effects

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DAVID Gym Solution can be used for Rehabilitation purposes as well as exercise

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