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Adjust Lifestyle to Boost Your Immunity

Prevention and Wellness Clinic
Prevention and Wellness Clinic
20 Feb 2023

      Currently Coronavirus (Covid-19) is still around us. Some people after being infected with Covid-19 may not be as healthy as before with symptoms that vary from person to person. For this reason, Soipetch Prathuangset, M.D., Director of Prevention and Wellness Clinic, has recommended lifestyle modifications to strengthen immunity from the inside out, starting easily from ourselves, so that the body recovers quickly and health returns to full strength.



  • Get enough sleep at least 7 - 8 hours and go to bed before 10:00 p.m. Good sleep allows the body to secrete hormones well.
  • Exercise regularly at least 30 minutes/time or 3-5 times/week. This strengthens the body and the functioning of the heart and body. It also improves blood circulation and immune system, by making the body's cells receive more oxygen and white blood cells become stronger and multiply.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat healthy food rich in antioxidants, such as colourful vegetables, tomatoes, pumpkins, carrots, citrus fruits, etc., and eat enough protein.
  • Choose food that strengthens immunity because the body needs more minerals during recovery than usual. Details are as follows:
    • Vitamin C is found in a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, such as oranges, papayas, guava, lemons, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc., which should be eaten fresh. If steamed or stir-fried, it should be done for a short time to better preserve the value of vitamin C.
    • Vitamin A in organ meats, egg yolks, milk, dairy products, dark leafy greens, yellow or orange fruits and vegetables, such as gourd, morning glory, carrots, pumpkin, yellow sweet potato, ripe papaya, etc.
    • Vitamin D by exposure to sunlight in the morning before 8.00 a.m. or in the evening at 4.00 p.m. for about 10-20 minutes.
    • Vitamin E in eggs, vegetables and fruits, such as nuts, soybean oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, avocado, etc.
    • Zinc minerals in meat, organs, liver, oysters, brown rice, etc.
  • People with inadequate diets should check their health to determine the vitamins or minerals they need and take appropriate supplements.

      If you still have symptoms of tiredness, hair loss, insomnia, chronic fatigue, or headache after treatment for COVID-19 infection and want to restore your health to be strong as before, you can consult and receive advice from our specialized doctors in preventive medicine. The doctor will recommend a suitable individual self-care for strong immunity by adjusting lifestyle behavior, food consumption and exercise. This will help prevent and reduce the severity of future illness.


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