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Thin Prep Test Promotion

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Avoid cervical cancer with Thin Prep Test

1,800 THB


Cervical cancer is one of the diseases we have been hearing about for a long time. Some people may think that it is still a distant matter, but it is truly closer to us than we think. In fact, cervical cancer, caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection, is one of the top diseases found in women.  However, cervical cancer can be prevented if it is detected early and monitored regularly. Therefore, women should pay more attention and not overlook cervical cancer screening.

Benefits of cervical cancer screening with Thin Prep method
  • Detect cervical cancer cells in the early stages
  • Reduce the risk of cervical cancer
  • If detected, treatment can be planned in time
  • Easy to test-- The doctor will use a specific device to collect cells around the cervix and put them in a vial before sending them for laboratory analysis


Women should start screening for cervical cancer about 3 years after having sex or at the age of 21. In addition, women with low immunity, risk of infection, family history of cervical cancer or related abnormal signs and symptoms, such as excessive vaginal discharge and vaginal bleeding, should not neglect the screening. Cervical cancer screening should be done regularly every 1-2 years or as recommended by a doctor.


Cervical cancer screening by Thin Prep method,

Special Price of 1,800 baht (including nursing service fee)

1 Jan – 31 March 20232


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