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Thai Medical Massage 30 minutes

Musculoskeletal and Rehabilitation Clinic Musculoskeletal and Rehabilitation Clinic


Experience our intensive muscle massage therapy lasting 30 minutes by physiotherapist / Applied Thai Traditional Medicinee will identify the root cause of your pain and employ appropriate techniques. This involves moving, bending, and pulling joints, stretching muscles, and alleviating nerve tension. The aim is to reduce pain and enhance the joint's range of motion for optimal functionality.

Benefits of our massage therapy include:
  • Effective treatment for both acute and chronic pain.
  • Facilitation of the body's return to normal functionality.
  • Improvement in overall body strength and mobility.

Who is massage therapy suitable for?
  • Individuals seeking relief from chronic pain.
  • Those experiencing ligament issues or Office Syndrome.
  • Individuals desiring muscle flexibility.
  • Athletes recovering from sports-related injuries.

Rest assured, our massage therapy is administered by licensed physical therapists accredited by Physiotherapist / Applied Thai Traditional Medicine

Thai Medical Massage

1,050 THB / 30 minutes


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