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Preventive Check Up

Prevention and Wellness Clinic Prevention and Wellness Clinic
Celebrate a Healthier You

with our Preventive Check-up Program


Elevate your health journey beyond the routine annual check-up with an extensive array of over 46 examinations. Uncover the secrets within as these tests provide insights into levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and hormones, unveiling the inner health and resilience that directly impact your daily life. We’re not only looking at today but also assessing and mitigating the risk of future non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Receive a meticulous analysis of your lifestyle risk behaviors together with tailored recommendations from our preventive medicine specialists, ensuring your lifestyle aligns seamlessly with your health aspirations. 

This program is designed for everyone because, at our core, we firmly believe that “Prevention is the key to longevity.”

For male | 35,500 THB

(Normal Price 62,615 THB)

For female | 38,500 THB

(Normal Price 65,514 THB)


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