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BWC Prepare for Marathon

Prevention and Wellness Clinic Prevention and Wellness Clinic
Special health check-up program for runners and exercise lovers.

BWC Prepare for Marathon


Why do you need a health check before running?
  • Check the fitness of the body before running
  • Assess risks and readiness of the body
  • Detect conditions that prohibit running
  • Look for diseases that may be hidden
  • Detect injury risks


BWC Prepare for Marathon Program at BDMS Wellness Clinic include:
  • Seeing a doctor to take a history and consulting about health and fitness.
  • Screening for the risk of disease by analyzing the results from blood test including blood sugar level, blood lipid level, liver function, kidney function, hormones level and vitamins level.
  • Heart health check, which is very important for people who like to exercise. If a runner has an underlying condition or heart disease hidden, they are at risk of death without forewarning.
  • Heart examination with ultrasound together with exercise (Exercise Stress Echocardiogram; ECHO) to evaluate heart function during exercise comprising the compression of the heart muscle, the function of the heart valves, etc. This helps the doctor determine the cause of chest pain in addition to assess the heart and body strength, arrhythmias, and blood pressure during exercise.
  • Ultrasound Carotid Artery examination for both sides of the neck to check the blood flow and calcified plaque. It shows whether the arteries are constricted.
  • Examination of bone density, fat mass and muscle mass by DEXA scan to assess the risk of osteoporosis and maintain muscle mass at optimal levels. The results of the DEXA test will allow the doctor to clearly see the proportions of bone, fat and muscle. The information can be used in planning a proper health care as well as monitoring results from exercise, such as an increase in muscle mass or a decrease in fat mass.


Even though exercise is good for health, if exercising often, you should check your health and assess your body's potential with the BWC Prepare for Marathon Program to increase confidence in running and exercising fully.

BWC Prepare for Marathon

23 check-up items

23,500 THB (from normal price 34,320 THB)​

Free! Plant-based protein ‘App Fast’ 1 box (valued at 990 THB)



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