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Rehabilitation Program Ultrasound

คลินิกสร้างเสริมและฟื้นฟูระบบกล้ามเนื้อและกระดูก​ คลินิกสร้างเสริมและฟื้นฟูระบบกล้ามเนื้อและกระดูก​
Experiencing pain, fatigue, or muscle tension?
You can rejuvenate muscle inflammation with Ultrasound Rehabilitation


Physical therapy with ultrasound is a treatment method that uses high-frequency sound waves transmitted into tissues, aided by ultrasound gel acting as a medium to deliver these waves into the tissues. It employs the use of heat waves to treat deep muscle and bone layers, creating deep tissue warmth. This results in increased blood circulation in the treated area, helping to disperse trapped waste, stimulating pain relief, reducing inflammation, and relaxing muscle tension. It also aids in expediting tissue repair. Physical therapists customize this treatment according to each individual's specific needs.


A vital component for ultrasound therapy is the gel, which serves as a direct touch medium for transmitting ultrasound waves. It possesses properties that enhance ultrasound wave transmission and facilitate smoother movement of the ultrasound head to various positions.


Areas where ultrasound therapy is not recommended include regions with excessive bleeding or severe inflammation throughout the body, the face, head, eyes, abdominal area, heart and chest, as well as areas with reduced sensation. Pregnant women should avoid receiving ultrasound therapy.


Physical therapy with ultrasound machines is a popular method but has limitations in various aspects. Therefore, it should be assessed by a physician and physical therapist before undergoing treatment.


Rehabilitation Program Ultrasound
1,300 THB / Session


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