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Regenerative Signature

คลินิกสุขภาพเชิงป้องกัน และฟื้นฟู คลินิกสุขภาพเชิงป้องกัน และฟื้นฟู

A truly comprehensive health check-up


    Advancements in regenerative medicine today allow our medical specialists to examine the body down to the molecular level.

    Through the application of advanced technology and favourably trained specialists in Regenerative and Preventive Medicine, the BDMS Wellness Clinic team of specialists are able to develop a personalized program based on individual lab results examining hormones, micronutrient and antioxidant levels, organ, bone and muscle function, and predictive markers for disease.

    After you have completed your check-up program, you will be given a detailed consultation with a favourably trained specialist in regenerative and preventive medicine in order to fully understand your health risks and the changes you can make to prevent disease and promote longevity.

    The BDMS Wellness Clinic in-house compounding pharmacy can also develop a fully personalized supplement program to balance deficiencies and help your body reach a finely state.


Regenerative Signature Program assessment includes:
  • Antioxidant, micronutrient and hormone levels
  • Hematological (blood) indicators
  • Heart, liver, and kidney health
  • Tumor markers for cancer
  • Bone & joint investigation, including bone density test
  • Eye and ear examination
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Fitness test

*Personalized supplement program is not included in package price. Please consult with your doctor to learn if the personalized supplement program is right for you.


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