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Preventive Check Up

คลินิกสุขภาพเชิงป้องกัน และฟื้นฟู Prevention and Wellness Clinic
Check and Prevent Hidden Diseases with Preventive Health Check-up Program*


  • Holistic health check-up package that focuses on prevention before disease progression
  • Identify the risk of asymptomatic diseases and conditions.
  • Plan for long-term health care and get advice on planning a quality lifestyle.
  • Supervised by a team of skilled doctors and healthcare professionals.
  • Comprehensive list of health check-up for people of working age to the elderly


BWC Preventive Check Up

46 check-up lists for men

35,500 THB (Normal Price 62,615 THB)


47 check-up lists for women

38,500 THB (Normal Price 65,514 THB)


* The conditions of the package are as specified by the company.



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