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Natural Killer Cell

คลินิกสุขภาพเชิงป้องกัน และฟื้นฟู คลินิกสุขภาพเชิงป้องกัน และฟื้นฟู

    NK cells or Natural Killer Cells are white blood cells that help guard the body viruses and tumor cells. Therefore, the function of your NK cells determines how good your immune function is Poor NK cell activity reflects impaired immune function.


Common cause of poor NK cell activity are:
  • Cancer
  • Family history of cancer
  • Imbalanced lifestyle e.g Heavy cigarette smoking, sleep deprivation, high stress, obesity
  • Poor nutrition e.g insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables, low protein intake etc.
  • Specific medications e.g immunosuppressive agents, chemotherapy drugs
  • Post-surgery

    High NK cell activity reflects a good immune system. However, if the level is abnormally high, one must suspect the presence of infection or autoimmune diseases such as SLE or Rheumatoid arthritis.


BWC NK Cell Activity

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