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In Vitro Fertilization treatment (IVF)

คลินิกรักษาผู้มีบุตรยาก และส่งเสริมสุขภาพสตรี คลินิกรักษาผู้มีบุตรยาก และส่งเสริมสุขภาพสตรี

Don't let a perfect family be just a dream.


Are you the one who is experiencing these problems
  • Married for many years but have no children.
  • Have tried natural methods but no babies.
  • Undergone fertility treatments from various clinics or had undergone an IUI without success.
  • Getting older but have no children.
  • The female fallopian tubes are clogged or damaged.
  • The male sperm cells are scarce, weak or lack agility.
  •  Let's create a perfect family with us, Test Tube Baby Package (IVF)
    IVF is an external fertilization that is very similar to natural method. It is an alternative for test tube baby fitted for infertile spouse. Infertility can result from various factors such as abnormal fallopian tube system, abnormal sex hormones causing chronic non-ovulation or sperm disorders in male.
Treatment Procedures
  1. On 2nd day of menstruation, doctor will stimulate female’s egg in order to increase egg quantity. Treatment must continue for 10-12 days until egg is ready for ovulation stimulation.
  2. Doctor examine egg sacs quantity and size by ultrasound. Final dose of hormone 34-38 hours prior to egg retrieval.
  3. Egg collection. Doctor will pull the egg from the ovaries through the vagina. It takes 15-20 minutes.
  4. Doctor fertilizes eggs and sperm in the lab. Hormones are given to the female to prepare uterus for pregnancy.
  5. When the embryo grows and is strong enough which normally takes about 3-5 days after egg collection, doctor will make an appointment to place the embryo back into uterus through vagina for pregnancy.


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