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Immune Signature

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Boost immunity with Immune Signature Program


Our immune system is responsible for resisting and eliminating foreign substances or pathogens that enter the body with white blood cells, circulating in the bloodstream and organs. If the immune system is not functioning properly, for example, low immunity or immunodeficiency, pathogens or foreign matter will easily enter the body and cause each illness for a long time or more severely than those with normal immunity.

Immunodeficiency can be caused by a number of factors, including:
  1. Inadequate and inefficient sleep. Getting enough sleep for 8-9 hours will help the body produce growth hormones for the immune system, especially NK Cell or Killer Cell to be restored to fight the virus.
  2. Lack of regular exercise. Exercising for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week helps boost immune function.
  3. Excess weight and body fat. Specifically, the percentage of body fat DEXA scan should be less than 28% in male and 32% in female.
  4. Stress (both acute stress and chronic stress). Stress weakens immune system and makes the body more susceptible to infection. 
  5. Eating unhealthy foods (such as highly sugary, oily, or salty foods, processed foods, alcoholic beverages, etc.).
  6. Other factors that negatively affect health and immune system (such as smoking, exposure to pollution or PM2.5, etc.) should be avoided.

In addition to taking care of yourself for good immunity, in-depth health checks at the cellular level, considering the weakening of the body's immune system, can help assess the risk of various diseases.


BWC Immune Signature

15,500 THB (Normal Price 30,458 THB)

BWC Immune Platinum Signature

47,000 THB (Normal Price 98,149 THB)



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