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David Gym Solution

คลินิกสร้างเสริมและฟื้นฟูระบบกล้ามเนื้อและกระดูก​ คลินิกสร้างเสริมและฟื้นฟูระบบกล้ามเนื้อและกระดูก​

A Rehabilitation Center in Bangkok with Innovative Exercise Solutions for Preventive Care



DAVID Gym Solution is an innovative exercise solution for preventive care at BDMS Wellness Clinic’s Musculoskeletal and Rehabilitation Clinic in Bangkok. We offer an advanced solution for muscular strength improvement and rehabilitation to help you achieve your physical fitness goals.


Personalized and Targeted Exercise Programs

BDMS Wellness Clinic in Bangkok offers personal training programs suitable for everyone. We can help individuals suffering from office syndrome, chronic back or shoulder pain, and those who need to prepare for an operation or require post-operation rehabilitation. Whether you are an athlete who needs advanced muscle training for peak performance or want to pursue your health and fitness goals, DAVID Gym Solution will help you achieve your objectives with exceptional care and expert insight.

Our rehab center features personalized exercises and training programs to build muscular strength. To ensure optimal results, every therapy program is closely overseen by Professor Jiri Dvořák and our team of professional physical therapists.



Advanced and Precise Tracking and Analysis

DAVID Gym Solution digitally assesses your physical fitness down to each muscle group. The system precisely monitors your unique body movements. It keeps detailed personalized records of your progress to ensure every aspect of your physical health program is designed and adapted to your unique needs.

By utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), DAVID’s system can calculate the painless range of movement for your joints based on your unique posture, physique, and capability. The results of your every move are comprehensively displayed in real-time for highly accurate monitoring of your progress. Real-time display of your individualized data is accessible by logging into the system with your RFID card. All data is stored in a secure server based in Finland.



Deep Muscle Activation and Strength Training

Reduce the risk of musculoskeletal conditions through personalized exercise programs at our rehabilitation clinic in Bangkok. DAVID’s exercise solutions are designed to activate and strengthen every muscle in your body with precision, including the deepest layers, ensuring a holistic approach to fitness.


DAVID Gym Solution caters to various health and fitness objectives, from professional athletic training to personal wellness goals. With our state-of-the-art facilities and expert team, we are committed to providing you with an exercise experience that is effective and tailored to your unique physical needs.


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