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CT Calcium Scoring & CT Lung Dose

คลินิกสุขภาพหัวใจและหลอดเลือด Preventive Cardiology Clinic

Prevent cardiovascular disease to avoid sudden cardiac arrest

BWC CT Calcium Scoring & CT Lung Dose


The heart and blood vessels are like the control center of various systems in the body. If the heart and blood vessels are strong, it will result in good health and ability to live as you wish. Nevertheless, nowadays cardiovascular disease occurs not only in people with age-related atherosclerosis but also in young people, especially those with high blood lipids, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Besides, smoking is also associated with a similar risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
In addition, people over 50 years old, both smokers and non-smokers, have a risk of developing lung cancer.  In this case, additional lung examination with low-dose CT lungs can help diagnose lung cancer at an early stage, allowing timely treatment. 
We can assess and identify the risk of cardiovascular disease as follows:
1. Cardiac CT Calcium Score
It is a noninvasive way of evaluating the amount of calcified (hard) plaque in the heart that is attached to various parts, such as the artery walls, heart valves and pericardium.  The dangerous point is the artery wall, which serves to supply blood to the heart muscle.
2. Lung Cancer Screening Program (Low Dose CT Scan)
It is an assessment of the risk of lung cancer by examining the chest with computed tomography, which uses low doses of radiation to produce 3D images of the lungs. The images are more detailed than conventional X-rays.
Thorough examination to avoid sudden cardiac arrest
    Sudden Death or sudden cardiac arrest is cardiac arrhythmias that stop beating unexpectedly. It can happen to anyone without having heart disease or other underlying medical conditions.
How to prevent?
An in-depth heart health examination help analyze your heart condition in the future.
What are the screening items? 
  • Check for plaque in the blood vessels
  • Cardiovascular disease screening
  • Stroke screening
  • Lung cancer screening

Who is it suitable for?
  • People over 40 years old
  • People with hyperlipidemia
  • People who smoke and drink alcohol on a regular basis
  • Athletes or people doing strenuous exercise
  • People with a family history of heart disease


1. Cardiac CT Calcium Score

5,700 THB

2. Lung Cancer Screening Program (Low Dose CT Scan)

7,800 THB

3. BWC CT Calcium Scoring & CT Lung Low Dose

10,000 THB


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