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Computer Guided Implant Surgery

คลินิกทันตกรรม คลินิกทันตกรรม


A new wave of dental implant surgery using computer to accurately locate dental implant.

    Dental implant is one of many options for tooth replacement. The most important part of dental implant process is that the dentist places the implant at the exact location as planned. In common procedure, the dentist will make an impression of patient’s teeth and radiographic imaging then use both of these information to determine the position of the implant.  This procedure requires a dentist with great experience to be able to place the implant at the exactly position. But with Computer Guided Implant Surgery, the implant planning software is used to integrate x-rays, intra-oral photos, and digital images of teeth impression then determine the correct location of dental implant.  In this process, the dentist will be able to see complete details which is more consistent with reality.   The dentist can position the implant in a computer program then transfer this digital placement from computer screen to patient’s mouth exactly and accurately. 


What is Computer Guided Implant Surgery?

    Computer Guided Implant Surgery is a computer-aided procedure with Cone-Beam (CT) imaging technology that helps to plan and position dental implants. 

    This computer program combines intra-oral photos or teeth impression images and Cone-Beam (CT) images together. All this information shows the relationship of bone, position of the tooth and other vital organs such as sinus cavities and nerves. It allows the dentist to choose the size of implant and determine the accurate position for actual tooth replacement to be more effectively.


The procedure of Computer Guided Implant Surgery


1) Oral examination  

    Making traditional teeth impression or using intra-oral scanner to take intra-oral digital 3D images.

2) Treatment plan 

    The scanned images and 3D images are combined together using a computer program. The dentist will determine the appropriate length and size of the implant considering factors such as bone volume, vital organs, then the treatment plan will be presented to the patient. When the appropriate treatment plan is finalized, the dentist will use 3D printers to make a guided device to use during implant placement.  

3) Implant placement  

    As planned, the dentist uses computer guided device to assist during implant surgery. 

    This will greatly reduce the length of surgery time.

4) Make crowns or dentures on implants 

    About 2-3 months after dental implant surgery depending on the quality and amount of patient’s jaw bone, the dentist will start the process of making crowns or bridges. The make of prosthesis could take 1 week to 1 month depending on complexity in each treatment.


Advantages of Computer Guided Implant Surgery
  • Planning dental implant at the most accurate location

Seeing details of the bones and shape of the teeth tremendously help the dentist to better evaluate the treatment plan, and explain all processes to the patient more accurately.

  • Reduce errors in implant placement 

    As the position of implant has already been planned digitally and aligned with the treatment plan, this leaves almost no room for slightest mistake.

  • Reduce duration of implant surgery   

Implant position has accurately been planned ahead of time. Therefore, the surgery time will be much quicker and more accurate than traditional implant surgery.

  • Smaller wound and less pain  

After implant surgery, the patient only left with small wound, therefore, fast recovery.

  • Naturally looking tooth   

Tooth shape and size has been digitally calculated for the appropriate proportion depending on condition of gums and bone volume before dental implant placement.

  • Relax every step of treatment

The patient understands the treatment thoroughly and sees clearly from the dentist treatment plan since the beginning of treatment.


    Guided Implant Surgery greatly elevates implant surgery to be more efficient and truly maximize patient benefits in dental implant. One thing to keep in mind is to always have treatment done with an experienced dentist for the satisfied results.


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