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Composite Filling

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Composite Filling


Teeth that are destroyed by decay, fracture or wear, need to be restored in order to get back in function. There are many different ways to do so. First, if they are fairly small, they can be filled directly with amalgam or composite resin, as simple as that. With larger defects, these materials may not be appropriate due to the limitation of strength. For a long period of time, gold had been the material of choice in fabricating of inlay and onlay restorations for large cavities. Nowadays, since there have been more and more concerns about esthetics, tooth-colored ceramic has been developed in hopes of solving these issues.


​Ceramic restorations are required to be fabricated outside the mouth, or we call them “indirect restorations”. Historically, it would require at least two appointments to get them done. In our facility at Dental Clinic, thanks to the innovative digital technology, these esthetic restorations can be done in one setting in less than two hours. Because we value everyone’s time, this very technique can maximize the efficiency of dental treatment into the high level.

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