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Specialty Check-Up Packages

บีดีเอ็มเอส เวลเนส คลินิก รีทรีท สาขาอนันตรา ริเวอร์ไซด์ บีดีเอ็มเอส เวลเนส คลินิก รีทรีท สาขาอนันตรา ริเวอร์ไซด์
Wellness Check-Up
(Male: THB 10,800 / Female: THB 11,200)

      Annual health check-ups are essential for detecting any irregularities before they become difficult to treat, as external factors can do a lot of gradual damage to your health without you realising it. Other risk factors are associated with individual lifestyle choices such as sedentary lifestyle, overeating, high alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, and insufficient rest. 

      Our annual health check-up programme is perfect for health-conscious individuals who wish to keep track of their health and prevent health issues.

Investigation Check-Up
(Male: THB 31,500 / Female: THB 36,400)

      An in-depth assessment of blood vessels, heart, abdomen, muscles, fat levels, and breast tissue in women, the programme is designed to detect irregularities and address them promptly. Using advanced diagnostic imaging tests, including mammograms, abdominal ultrasound, EKG, echocardiogram, exercise stress test and bone density scan (but no blood work), the check-up helps assess risks for diseases with great precision.

      After discussing your test results with you in detail, your doctor will recommend lifestyle changes and a treatment plan as well as ordering additional diagnostic imaging tests, if any potential problems requiring further evaluation are identified.

      If you carry a risk of heart problems, your doctor may order EKG and exercise stress test to screen for cardiovascular diseases, while a mammogram could be used to screen for a tumour in the lungs, the breasts, and the womb. The tests can also look for cancer and detect its spread.

* Please note: diagnostic imaging tests will be conducted at our facility on Wireless Rd - the BDMS Wellness Clinic.


Cancer Screening
(Male: THB 5,900 / Female: THB 8,900)

      An important screening programme for the early detection of cancerous or abnormal cells that may develop cancer. Screening tests can help find cancer at an early stage before symptoms appear. When abnormal tissues or cancer is found early, it may be easier to treat or cure.


Anti-Ageing Signature Check-Up (non-fasting)
(Male: THB 24,400 / Female: THB 24,400)

      Balanced levels of vitamins and minerals are essential for overall wellbeing, healthy ageing, and radiant skin. To determine the levels of essential nutrients and any imbalances in your body, this anti-ageing programme includes a physical examination, counselling with a detailed dietary plan, and a nutritional assessment using a blood sample measuring the levels of 18 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

      Your results, presented in an easy-to-read format of numbers and graphs, will be used to design a programme to balance your vitamin and mineral levels for optimal health. The findings will allow the doctor to gauge if you have any deficiencies, thus enabling our experts to determine the supplements you need. Anti-Ageing Signature is beneficial for adults and children alike. For adults it may help delay the ageing process, while in children it can support healthy growth and development.



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