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All - on - 4 Dental Implants

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Loss of Entire Tooth: A Common Issue in the Elderly

Losing an entire tooth is a prevalent problem among elderly individuals. On average, people aged 60 years and over will lose approximately 20% of their entire set of teeth, varying from country to country. However, in developed nations, the advantage lies in the availability of dental implants to replace lost teeth. The process of inserting dental implants for the entire mouth is not easy, and it may not be suitable for everyone. Consequently, the All-on-4 dental implant technique emerges as an option that addresses the needs of elderly individuals, allowing them to regain a beautiful smile and the ability to chew food once again.


Oral Health Challenges in the Elderly

Oral health problems in older individuals often stem from the loss of all their teeth, opting for dentures instead. Prolonged use of dentures results in decreased efficiency in using one's teeth. The force of chewing with dentures is only a fraction of that with natural teeth, leading to a 10-fold reduction. This not only affects the teeth but also contributes to malnutrition as individuals struggle to fully chew their food. The All-on-4 procedure provides a viable solution by replacing natural teeth with dental implants, utilizing four implants to support fixed dentures throughout the entire jaw. This less painful surgery requires only local anesthesia, allowing for completion in a single session, eliminating the need for multiple surgeries. 


The All-on-4 Procedure: A Comprehensive Approach

Typically lasting around 2.30 hours, the implant surgery may address both the upper and lower jaws simultaneously. The process commences with a thorough oral examination, evaluating the natural teeth condition, the structure of the face, and the state of the jawbones. Subsequently, a 3D X-ray (CT Scan) image is obtained to guide the implant surgery accurately. This information is crucial for determining the implant position, considering factors such as air cavities next to the nose and various nerves. Computer-generated information aids in precise planning, facilitating the creation of a Surgical Guide for surgery.

Modern technology enables computer-based planning to determine implant points accurately, preparing dentures for immediate use on the implant placement day. This advancement not only reduces treatment time but also eliminates the need for additional bone and lowers costs compared to conventional dental implant procedures.


Individual Evaluation by Skilled Dentists

While All-on-4 is suitable for those who have lost all their teeth, a skilled dentist must carefully evaluate each case. Tailoring the treatment plan according to the patient's condition is crucial. In some instances, 4-6 implants may be used for added stability and efficiency, depending on the jaw bone's condition and characteristics. Expert dentists at Dental Clinic BDMS Wellness Clinic provide personalized care and treatment planning using digital dental technology to achieve effective results.


    Maintaining Oral Health Post-Procedure

    Patients should prioritize cleanliness and regular oral health check-ups every six months to ensure the longevity of dental implants. Dental implants are designed to replace lost natural teeth, necessitating periodic inspections and adjustments for optimal and enduring use.


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