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What is Regenerative Medicine?

For anyone who is looking to obtain this goal, Regenerative Medicine, the new

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7 Oct 2018

What is Regenerative Medicine?


Having a healthy and long life is an ultimate desire for everyone in all generations. For anyone who is looking to obtain this goal, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, the new frontier of medicine, is an appealing option.


Our body works in the same way as 'a car'. To keep the car running on the road smoothly and not break down in the middle of the road, one must bring the car to the service center for regular maintenance. During the service, the engine, oil level and other parts will be thoroughly checked and made sure that no particular emergency will arise.


In the scenario when the car is not well maintained, it is likely to break down in the most unexpected moment. This analogy can be compared to the 'human body'. In the past, we often go to the doctor for checkup only when you feel unwell. In addition to this, a number of people go for health check once a year just for normal screening.


This perception may not be the most ideal as detailed health checkup is necessary as you never know if there are any hidden diseases that are about to manifest.


In order to be healthy and fit, one must think about preventing rather than repairing or curing. When talking about prevention, this is when regenerative medicine comes to play roles in our lives. The word regenerative is an opposite to the word degenerative which mean degradation of your body.


Aging is inevitable, but with sophisticated technologies and advancement in medicine, we can use stem cells or cloning techniques to slow down the process of aging and at the same time rejuvenate the body, allowing it to function at full capacity.


Regenerative medicine is an interdisciplinary approach that seeks to prevent diseases and at the same time help the body regains vitality and youthfulness. Patients will be required to get blood test, saliva test and urinary examination. This would allow the doctor to see the problems at bio molecular level.

When problems are detected, our anti-aging physicians will help prescribe customized supplements which are extracted natural sources. These supplements would help restore the body functions and make you feel healthier.

The advantage of Regenerative medicine is that it allows accurate diagnosis and treatment of various health problems that results genetics, stress, poor sleep hygiene, imbalanced diet or lack of exercise.


People often get treated with conventional medicine by if you are sick with 10 different symptoms, you may have to go visit 10 doctors in different departments to get accurate diagnosis and treatments. With antiaging and regenerative medicine, our anti-aging physician will search for the hidden causes of your ailments and use holistic approach to treat patients.


When one or two symptoms are relieved, other associated symptoms are likely to subside without having to visit more doctors or take more chemical drugs.


With numerous advantages, it is not surprised to see why anti-aging and regenerative medicine has gained so much popularity recently. This new approach has spread across many countries France to other part of Europe and United States. In United States, anti-aging and regenerative medicine is progressing at a fast pace.


Credit: Health Brings Wealth Magazine Issue: 8



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