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Are you those who are searching for privilege in luxious wellness?

  • Exclusive Wellness Experience
  • Personalized Healthcare
  • Exclusive Wellness Society
  • Wellness Intelligence
  • Urban & Luxury Lifestyle
  • Elegance Rejuvenation

The Identity of Your Wellness Experience

The privilege in taking care of your health through member card that would enhance you to experience unlimited healthcare experiences among perfect living in the society through exclusive health services that fulfill every type of lifestyles.


It is an honor for BDMS Wellness Clinic to invite you to sense the Wellness Experience which we created with the highlight in privilege in preventive healthcare and other privileges that match your lifestyle. You will be confident that our Wellness Journey will lead you to living longer and healthier.




Enjoy modern wellness experience through preventive healthcare which is willing to take care you extensively throughout 1 - year period, and completing urban lifestyle, so you can completely enjoy your living. Healthcare program that creating balanced mind and body by physical examination and assessment in-depth, will turn into suitable healthcare program especially for you, to fulfill the way of living for new generation who live in fast-moving society.

WE Classic Privileges
เอกสิทธิ์จาก WE by BDMS Wellness Clinic

  • ExecutiveCheck-Up
  • Hormones check-up screening program
  • Exercise program with medical innovation
  • Digitally assisted smile design program
  • IV Treatment program
  • Exclusive activities
  • Reserved Parking Area
  • BDMS Wellness Clinic Application


BDMS Wellness Clinic is proudly invite you to be WE membership