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2nd Chance

Not everyone is blessed with a second chance in life. So take this chance to value your health with BDMS Wellness Clinic’s “2nd Chance“.

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Your Health, You Change

Start to change…for your health and for that of your loved ones.

A good quality of life starts from healthiness. However, amidst the current society where one’s livelihood is full of rush and stress, many people ignore to take care of themselves. Moreover, as environmental factors have changed, it is even faster for one’s health to be deteriorated. As a result, BDMS Wellness Clinic prioritizes healthcare, disease prevention, and rejuvenation through preventive medicine performed by specializing physicians equipped with medical technology for everyone’s most prominent thing in life, that is, the good quality of life. Start it today and don’t forget to take care of yourself!
“Preventive medical check-up analyses to prevent diseases and delay premature health deterioration” are health check-up programs, e.g. Regenerative Signature, Revitalize Signature, and Rejuvenation Signature, that are designed to identify factors that can potentially lead to diseases. Moreover, specializing physicians can also render methods and advice on physical improvement that is individually suitable for each, such as proper exercises or dietary supplements, etc.


 Regenerative Clinic


Telomere Length

Promotion (16 October 19 - 31 January 20)
Special 9,900 THB from 13,000 THB

This is a blood test—a new approach to evaluate diseases by analyzing the levels of cells and chromosomes. It is a test that is based on the length of DNA molecules and the end side of chromosomes, which can be indicative of biological age and degenerative status that prematurely occurs. This is to prevent diseases that are likely to emerge in the future for the benefits of caretaking and behavioral improvement for healthiness and longevity. 


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Preventive Medical Check-up

Promotion (16 October 19 - 31 January 20)

Upon purchasing 1 package of the physical check-up programs:
- Get free! 1-time, 3,200 THB value of IV Detox.
- Get a 10% discount for Personalized Compounding Supplement when purchasing a 3-month or more package.

An exclusive health check-up program that aims at prevention of diseases that are relevant to physical deterioration, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancers, as well as vitamin and mineral blood tests, and analyses of hormonal imbalance that can help answer your questions that concern chronic health problems, such as decreasing of energy, constantly catching a cold, changing of skin conditions, fat accumulation, decreasing of memory ability, being irritable, and sleep disorders. Apart from advice and recommendations related to foods and exercises, our specializing physicians will also provide vitamins that are individually suitable for you, which will help balance and rejuvenate your health.

  • Antioxidant agents
  • Levels of vitamins and minerals in your body
  • Level of hormones
  • Hematological results and blood sugar levels
  • Heart functional level
  • Liver and kidney health
  • Cancer indicative agents
  • Bone, tendon, and joint health
  • Well-being in sports players


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 Musculoskeletal & Sports Clinic


DAVID Gym Solutions

Promotion (16 October 19 - 31 January 20)

Upon purchasing of DAVID Gym Solution 10 free 1 or DAVID Gym Solution 10 free 1 (Mid-session)
- Get free! One box of 2,400 THB value Royal L-Carnitine

An exercise program that is suitable for us as it helps strengthen our health, delays, and lessens symptoms, such as office syndrome, knee osteoarthritis, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Also, it will help reduce stress and improve hormonal imbalance. David Gym Solution is a tool that is specifically designed for effective exercising of fine motors that are set within the deeper muscles which can be a cause of premature physical deterioration of bones and joints.

  • Health check-up and evaluation performed by physicians specializing in sports medicine
  • Utilizing of the DAVID exercising tool to strengthen fine motors that are bedded within the deeper muscles in order to strengthen joints, tendons, and bones.
  • Utilizing of basic exercising equipment in order to strengthen the body holistically


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About DAVID Gym Solution


Exercising equipment that is designed for specific muscle exercises imported from Finland. It is suitable for movements of backbones, hip, knee joints, and shoulder joints based on mechanical science for effective exercise. While exercising, real time results will be shown on the display monitor. It can be programmed based on individual exercising style to promote muscle flexibility and facilitate physical movements, with clear indicators of progression.


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