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Craft your motherhood as a masterpiece by fit MOM

Pregnancy is considered a great happiness for many mothers, but it can also affect many of the mothers' bodies and minds

  • Emotional inconsistency, caused by hormonal imbalances
  • Changes in body shape, due to weight gain during pregnancy that can be difficult to lose
  • Overwhelming concerns, such as concerns about raising children or health issues of mother
  • Failure to lose weight after some period of childbirth
  • Desire to lose weight while wanting to maintain full nutrition for baby
  • Need to resume back the strength you possessed before pregnancy

FIT MOM Program 

BDMS Wellness Clinic is realize of the concerns of all mothers who want good health and a beautiful body. Therefore, FIT MOM is designed with the best wishes that every mother has a team of doctors and specialists to take care of all matters and concerns about the health with a program that collects good things to improve natural and safe balance of all mothers with the FIT MOM program.

Fit for motherhood

We understand that being a mother comes with more responsibilities, therefore, there a need for mother to have strength as a source of energy in order to nurture babies, to look after the happiness of the family as well as to improve their own health. Because mothers are happier when they are in good health.

Inspire by innovation

The FIT MOM program combines safe and modern medical tools and innovations as well as close monitoring through the BDMS Wellness Clinic application together with a team of doctors and medical specialists.

Train for life

Because health care is not something temporary, the FIT MOM program helps create a better understanding of all the health care of mothers so that mothers can take care of their health with accurate and sustainable medical knowledge, both physically and mentally.

Menu for health

"You are what you eat" is still always true. We therefore collect appropriate nutritional information to look after mother's health without affecting the quality of milk and also promote sustainable weight loss through the use of a close monitoring application by dietitians.

Optimize your wellbeing

We know that pregnancy can cause many mothers to encounter problems with changes of hormonal balance, resulting in metabolic problems, sleeping, and emotional sensitivity. Therefore, proper hormonal adjustment is the solution to increase both happiness and confidence for mothers.

Multidisciplinary approach

The FIT MOM program includes treatment planning from a medical specialist in anti-aging, Holistic health examination, Healthy food service calculated by dietitians, the DAVID Gym Solution for exercise, and the BWC Royal Slim Body to build confidence in your body.


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