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Smile with Confidence, No Plastic Surgery is Needed

Everybody wants to have attractive and natural smiles. A face that wears...

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26 Aug 2020

Smile with Confidence, No Plastic Surgery is Needed


Undoubtedly, everybody wants to have attractive and natural smiles. A face that wears confident smiles always draws positive first impression. It’s the very first step to have social interactions and communications, which are deemed to be a bypass for success. As a result, we, as a new generation, need to pay closer attention to our personalities and appearances. However, misshaped lips or distorted smiles may lessen our confidence. 


Whenever we smile, we may feel uncomfortable, thinking that our smiles look strange, leading to being discouraged or unconfident. This will surely make you look unfriendly and moody at all times. Moreover, due to negative feelings towards your own smiles, you may not want to socialize or be part of a picture. Therefore, many of us decide to rely on a plastic surgery to improve our facial structure or lips for better smiles.


Even though a plastic surgery may seem normal nowadays, for those of you who don’t want to go for this method, currently there are advanced innovations that can help you fix, design, and transform your smiles. With this advanced digital technology namely Digitally Assisted Smile Design (2, 3 and 4 dimensions), it’ll certainly help our specializing team to analyze your facial structure and shape, and design perfect smiles to fit your personalities and, definitely, your face, especially 4D Smile Design, The Virtual Model (4 Dimensional) allows you to experiment with your proposed new teeth in greater detail, including smiling, speaking, chewing action. At this stage, you can customize the model to your complete satisfaction and makes sure that your personalized smile is right for you.

After the smile design process, there are two alternatives for you to choose from:

1. Veneer: A method to adjust the shape of your teeth through fixing of defects, such as chipped tooth, tooth decay, cracked tooth, broken tooth, stained tooth, or uneven tooth. With veneer, your teeth will look perfectly arranged, as you can choose the color, shape, and size as you wish.


2. Invisalign: A teeth aligning method that is more convenient and gives a better look compared to the conventional dental braces. In addition to getting rid of crooked teeth and gap tooth problems, it also lessens you suffers in terms of under bites and overbites. One good thing is that, your face will look more perfectly shaped. And to avoid any doubts, these two methods can be applied concurrently.


Moreover, you can also use a denture in replacement of any missing teeth by implanting false teeth, or dental coverage, of which the appearance and use instructions are most similar to the natural teeth. However, the method is quite complex, and may require a certain period of treatment. Therefore, if you’re interested in wearing a denture, you should study further to get more details and seek for advice from orthodontists before finalizing your decision.


             Apart from adding teeth or adjusting tooth shape to reform your smiles, another simple way is tooth whitening. Stains on your tooth are another thing that brings uncomfortable and unconfident feelings towards you. Due to being aged and external factors, such as consuming certain types of foods or beverages for a period of time, they can potentially lead to tooth decay and changes of colors, known as stained teeth.


            Currently, dental whitening is more advanced than before. It can makeover your teeth and turn them into white and attractive ones within a short period of time, making the result even more satisfying. Importantly, dental whitening will never disturb your tooth structure, and there is no way where all the dental coating and enamels will be destroyed. As a result, you can be worry-free, as it’s free from side effects.


            Anyway, maintaining good oral hygiene is an important basis for dental care. Don’t forget to brush your teeth correctly 2 times a day. Doing dental flossing regularly, or 1-2 times per day in particularly and undertaking dental checking every 6 months to take care of your gums and teeth are highly recommended. These are things that don’t only make you feel confident, but will definitely affect your overall quality of life.



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