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High-quality plant-based protein with essential nutrients

  • ไม่มีนม กลูเตน ไม่เติมน้ำตาล

  • ไม่มีโคเลสเตอรอล ไขมันและไขมันทรานส์

  • 50 แคลอรี่ โปรตีน 9 กรัม

Everything about this product


Product Description

A high-quality plant-based protein extracted from four types of plants, work in synergy with essential amino acids, prebiotics, beta-glucan, calcium and 13 other vitamins formulated by specialist doctors. 



- No Lactose, Fat Free, No Trans Fat, No Sugar Added, No Cholesterol

- Only 50 calories per sachet

- High Protein (8 g of complete plant protein), easily digested and absorbed well

- Boosts immune system from beta-glucan and prebiotic

- High in vitamins and essential minerals
- Easy to drink with vanilla flavor


  • Isolated Soy Protein
    6,000 mg
  • Oat powder
    2,000 mg
  • Brown rice protein
    2,000 mg
  • Pea protein
    2,000 mg
  • Fructooligosaccharide Powder
    1,000 mg
  • Seaweed Calcium Powder
    500 mg
  • Vitamin Premixed
    145 mg
  • (Contains Vitamin C, B3, E, A, B5, Biotin, B6, B12, D3, B1, B2, K1, Folic Acid)

  • Oat Beta Glucan 35%
    100 mg

Suggested Use

Take 1 sachet (15 g) daily, dissolved into 150 ml of water or cold water. Stir well for a smooth blend.

Thai FDA No.



1 box contains 10 sachets.