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A gleaming modern metropolis,

Bangkok offers its visitors something for all the senses: historical sites reflecting a timeless heritage, world-class shopping and entertainment, and some of the most sought after culinary experiences in the world.


Bangkok: The Center of Thailand


Bangkok has long been known as the world’s leading premier medical destination. Accounting for more than a third of all global medical travel, Thailand draws visitors across the globe seeking the most advanced and compassionate care available.

At the center of this new model for specilized healthcare is Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS), the operator of private hospitals in Thailand. But it is more than just its modern medical technologies, high standards of care and numerous international affiliations and accreditations that have earned BDMS its distinguished reputation. What truly sets it apart is the very character of its people and the heartfelt signature hospitality that can be felt with every interaction.

Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, the BDMS Wellness Clinic provides its members the entire package of  advance medical technology, high experienced physicians, and renowned Thai hospitality. Join us and experience the new horizon of wellness in the vibrant city that has it all.