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Digestive Wellness Clinic

"Craft Your Digestion as A Masterpiece"

      The digestives system plays a critical role in disease prevention and overall health. Improper diet and lifestyle factors can lead to a host of complications in the digestive system that impair its ability to support immune function as well lead to digestive disorders such as acid reflux, indigestions, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diarrhea.

      To evaluate the health of your digestive system, the BDMS Wellness Clinic provides comprehensive screening programs focusing on gastrointestinal and liver disease risk factors.  These investigations include blood biomarkers, genetic testing, and physical examinations to identify gastrointestinal disorders.

Following your digestive wellness check-up, your physician will consult with you to determine if a holistic digestive wellness program, including such things as dietary counseling and fitness programs to reach ideally digestive health, are right for you.